Transplant patient education

Tools to help patients help themselves after heart and lung transplant


Project duration: 18 months

Partners: Mater Heart & Lung Transplant team, Mater Transformation, NCAD (Interaction Design)

Funding: Mater Foundation, HSE Spark Innovation

"I got a call from the unit today- they were going to prescribe clarithromycin for one of our patients. The patient pulled out one of the little medication reminder cards which says that he cannot have clarithromycin - Good save by patient using the materials."(Prof Patricia Ging, Chief Pharmacist, Transplant/Pulmonary Hypertension)
Eva Desmond (Interaction Designer)
Emer O’Kane (Project Manager, Mater Transformation)
Susan Towell (Transplant CNS)
Prof Patricia Ging (Chief Pharmacist, Transplant & Pulmonary Hypertension)
Mark McDonagh (Design intern at Mater Transformation)
Sara Winward (Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Heart/Lung Transplant)
Tomcy Baby (Clinical Nurse Specialist Heart and Lung Transplant)
Tara Scanlon (Medical Social Worker)
Dr Michelle Murray (Consultant Transplant Physician)
Dr Emma Creighton (Lecturer in Interaction and Product Design, MA Interaction Design Course Coordinator)
Siobhán Manning (Service Innovation & Design Lead, Mater Transformation )