See & Treat

Helping patients to understand and engage with a “one –stop shop” surgical pathway


Project duration: 2 years

Partners: Plastic Surgery team, Mater Hospital, NCAD, Mater Transformation

Funding: HSE Spark Innovation

"Our see and treat model reduces the wait time for patients procedures by over half. The impact of this is lost if patients do not turn up for their procedure or if an inappropriate patient with more comorbidities is selected for this pathway." Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Ms Shirley Potter
Ms Shirley Potter (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)
Aileen Igoe (Lean and Systems Thinking Lead, Mater Transformation )
Alan Coleman (Service Designer)
Eoin Bracken (Service & Interaction Designer, Mater Transformation )
Dr Muireann Keating (Senior House Officer, Mater Hospital)
Dr Caoimhe McMahon (Lecturer in Service and Product Design, MA Service Design Coordinator)
Siobhán Manning (Service Innovation & Design Lead, Mater Transformation )