Looking for Eyes

Making way-finding to patients attending the Eye (Ophthalmology) departments at the Mater Hospital.


Project duration: 1 week design sprint (2018). Revisited in 2022 & ongoing

Partners: Mater Transformation, Mater Ophthalmology & Estates Departments, NCAD, HSE Spark Innovation

Funding: HSE Spark Innovation

Prof David Keegan (Consultant Ophthalmologist)
Dr Michelle Murray (Consultant Transplant Physician)
Siobhán Manning (Service Innovation & Design Lead, Mater Transformation )
Geraldine O’Brien (Administration Supervisor, Ophthalmology)
Annmarie Corcoran (Ophthalmology Unit Manager)
Brian Gough (Assistant Lecturer in Interaction and Service Design)
Donal Healion (Assistant Lecturer in Product Design, Senior Research Fellow)