Nursing Assessments Matter

Redesigning the nurse assessment form to release time to care


Project duration: 1 week Design Sprit (2023) – ongoing

Partners: Mater Hospital, NCAD, HSE Spark Innovation Programme

Funding: HSE Spark Innovation

"When we quantify the benefit, it’s about 375,000 pages that won’t have to be filled in each year by the nursing community at the Mater… anything we can do to reduce the paper workload, so that nurses can spend more time with the patient, is always welcomed."Alan Sharp, CEO Mater Hospital
"The form is used to tell the story of the patient on admission to nurses on the ward, so the risk of miscommunication could have a direct impact on the patient."Julie Grennell Clinical Nurse Manager
Julie Grennell (Clinical Nurse Manager, Careful Nursing Project)
Lorraine Lalor (Assistant Director of Nursing)
Alan MacFarlane (Service & Interaction Designer, Mater Transformation)
Fiona Natoff (MA Interaction Design student, NCAD)
Dehlia Mc Carthy (MA Interaction Design student, NCAD)
Mallory Frye (Project Facilitator, Mater Transformation)