Circular by Design Pilot

A training programme supporting textile and apparel industries' transition to circular design practises


Project duration: Pilot ran from March 2022 – November 2022. Ongoing annual rollout of programme to the textiles industry from 2023

Partners: Creative Futures Academy (CFA), National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Design and Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI)

Funding: Circular by Design was proudly supported by a grant from the CIRCULÉIRE Innovation Fund under Grant Number INF-2901-010-2021.CIRCULÉIRE is Ireland’s first industry-led innovation network dedicated to accelerating the circular economy. Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is the secretariat of CIRCULÉIRE which is funded by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EIT Climate-KIC

"CbD has helped us to focus our efforts on creating a holistic approach to our process, by highlighting many consequential aspects of how we make our choices. It has made us aware of a community of like minded people with whom we hope to remain in contact .It has given us great encouragement and confidence in continuing to walk the path we have chosen."Colm Kenny, Founder and Owner, Ceadogán Rugmakers
"The CbD programme has been a great experience. The facilitators knowledge is impressive, their energy inspiring and support second to none. Thank you for your hard work. CbD was a fascinating process to be involved with; stimulation company and room to imagine. The knowledge, awareness and community developed through this programme has prompted us to look at how and what we are making, and is inspiring new ideas and processes."Dobrawa Brach, Managing Director and Laura Magahy, Creative Director Arran Street East
"The CbD programme has given me revived energy and time to hone my focus towards a new direction for my brand. I had the desire to move towards using Irish yarns for the past few years. However, time got away from me. The time on the course and the masterclasses gave me the tools to really look at my business in depth and see the areas that could be improved. The knowledge I have gained is not only great for my brand but also to share this knowledge with others and to filter down through all decisions when choosing to invest in a product and being able to assess its circularity."Liadain Aiken, Founder, LA Knitwear
Jennifer Walsh (DCCI Senior Executive Assistant)
Tom Watts (DCCI Head of Design)
Sophie Reynolds (Circuléire Circular Economy Policy and Innovation Lead)
Malú Colorín (Talú, Founder)
Dobrawa Brach (Aran Street East, Company MD)
Laura Magahy (Aran Street East, Creative Director)
Feargal Ó Cinnéide (LilyMais, co-founder)
Frances Fogarty (LilyMais, co-founder)
Liadain Aiken (Liadain Aiken Knitwear, Founder)
Michelle Woong (Liadain Aiken Knitwear, Design Technician)
Colm Kenny (Ceadogán Rugs, Founder/CEO)
Martina Navratilova (Ceadogán Rugs, Head of Design)
Fiadh Durham (Faith, Founder)
Bridget Gorman-Geoghegan (Mise Tusa, co-founder)
Meritta Gorman-Geoghegan (Mise Tusa, co-founder)
Lisa Wynn (Saturn Cottage Industries, founder)
Lynn Haughton (The Upcycle Movement, Founder)
Mihai Mar (Mar Knitwear, Founder)
Anneliese Duffy (The Linen Shirt Company, Founder/CEO)